AquaHarvest is a primary producer of fresh, local, sustainable, and
organic fin fish and produce. Our intensive production methodologies are based in maximizing output while minimizing the use of natural
resources. To us, the power of aquaculture is all in the numbers:

Sea Capital Group

With over 70 years of combined industry expertise, SeaCapital Group is setting out to become the advisory standard for operators in the global sustainable seafood value chain, as becoming the conduit between investors and the seafood industry as the new recognized investment asset class we predict it will become in just a few years.

Seafood IQ

Built by seafood veterans and PhD level experts, Seafood IQ will change how we interact with our food. Our intelligent platform will now enable seafood to communicate with us directly and give its production and logistic lifecycle at any time. With unique identification, our patented IoT technology will monitor any variances in temperature, time and location.

GEN Green Energy

GEN Green Energy is an Icelandic geothermal and hydropower focused renewable energy development company. We seek to develop renewable energy projects specifically in Latin-America and the Caribbean utilizing our deep renewable energy and project management background combined with our strong Latin-America footprint.


Sudurver is the oldest specialized business broker in Iceland.  Founded in 1987, it has served entrepreneurs in Iceland for over 30 years.  In the more recent times the company has specialized in city center commercial real estate alongside it‘s M&A business activities.

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