Our Story

Phoenix Investments was founded in 2002 with focus on investments in Icelandic real estate.  Shortly after founding, the company started increasing its focus into the seafood industry and launched multiple global projects in aquaculture and seafood distribution.

Through the years the company has continued its development of early stage projects within the seafood industry as well as building industry expert teams that have a strong track record for growth and development of startups.

Phoenix has additionally added renewable energy as its latest focus sector as a result of the strong geothermal expertiese that Iceland has cultivated.

All our investments and projects have a common thread of focusing on industries that are closely connected with Icelandic culture such as fisheries, aquaculture and renewable energy or being directly located in Iceland as our real estate projects.


Phoenix selectively participates in local Icelandic business opportunities, primarily in real estate.

Globally Phoenix focuses on opportunities that are culturally connected with Iceland such as the sustainable seafood industry and renewable energy sector.

Phoenix seeks opportunities where it can have direct strategic impact and fuel growth in early stage projects.


Phoenix seeks projects and opportunities that through a combination of investment and strategic participation, the company can accelerate growth.

We look for early stage ventures that fit within our investment and participation criteria.

Our focus is to identify opportunities that have a unique approach and strong innovation factor

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